Шиберные задвижки Lohse

Шиберные задвижки Lohse

Slide valves

Lohse plate valves or sliding valves are available in different versions for different applications. In general, the house is made of stainless steel. These valves are applied as open-close valve and function particularly well at liquids with a high solid content. In addition to the standard program, Lohse has also the possibility to develop special versions in cooperation with the customer.

Flange bore: EN 1092-1 PN 10 of ANSI B 16.5 class 150.


  • Range: DN 50 to DN 1000
  • Media: solids, liquid and gas
  • pressure: up to 8 barg


  • Shared stainless steel house
  • Easy to overhaul
  • Low wear


  • Valves for fluids with high solids content (paper pulp, brine, mud)
  • Valves for highly abrasive media (plaster, cement)
  • Valves for food industry (FDA)
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